Genesee Valley Arts Grants Application

When starting your application, be sure to answer the first two questions (County You are Applying From and Application Category). Your responses will generate the correct application form.

A Few Reminders:

  1. Deadlines: Livingston County – 4pm on the 3rd Thursday in Sept. (Sept. 19th),  Monroe County- 4pm on the 3rd Thursday in Oct. (Oct. 17th)
  2. Supplemental materials must be 3 MBs or smaller. If your files are too large, or if you need to submit materials in another format, such as hard copy, contact the Grant Coordinator at  PRIOR to the application deadline to discuss options.
  3. Links to youtube videos, SoundCloud, professional websites, or other online platforms are acceptable as artist samples. List your links in a word doc and upload it to the artist sample section.
  4. The Signature Page and Budget Forms are available on the Forms and Documents page of the grant website (Applicants must use the provided budget form which corresponds to their category).
  5. Character limits include spaces.
  6. To save your work, please hit the  “Save and Continue Later” button at the bottom of the page.  The page will reload and a blue box will appear at the bottom of the page. Enter your email address and hit “Send Email”.  Once you do so, a link will be emailed to the provided address that will allow you to access your in-progress application. The link will remain active for 30 days.
  7. When you are done, hit “Submit”. Please note, you will not have access to your application once it has been submitted.
  8. Questions? Contact the Grant Coordinator at or 585-243-6785.